Track premiere - Of Salt And Sea by Pillars

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words: Elena Mara Reed, 2017-11-20

American post-rock band Pillars will release its new album, 'Of Salt and Sea' on December 15 via Indianapolis label In Store Recordings. The band’s sophomore full-length is a deep dive into instrumental cinematic soundscapes. Re-inventing themselves as an instrumental band, Pillars manage to capture your attention without actually singing a single word.

In the 9 tracks one will find moments of tranquillity, nostalgia drifting away, and more aggressive, chaotic and devastating places. Toeing a line that dips into post-metal, 'Of Salt And Sea' splits the sounds of bands such as Isis and Pelican opening the doors for Pillars to explore a range of sonic emotions.

A carefully thought out and melancholic, the title track 'Of Salt And Sea' fluctuates between catharsis and despair. Airy guitar gliding, drums mashing into your head, persistent bass build up impending doom while also leaving the room for melodies to crescent into light.

For fans of Red Sparrowes, Explosions in The Sky, Pelican. Preoder on In Store Recordings.