Lento - Fourth

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Lento, 2017-10-15

The psychedelic experimental doom masters Lento are back with their fourth full-length release. Doomy, sludgy and stonery, ‘FOURTH’ is an instrumental masterpiece that elegantly balances out slow meditative moments and fast ear-shattering riffs. 10 tracks are produced in varying tempos and intensity, littered with math rock elements, trippy sections and a thick sludgy bass tone. A fine-tuned ear will find references to Sleep and Lento’s fellow countrymen Ufomammut. Yet ‘FOURTH’s tectonic heaviness, dense layered melodies and psychedelic touches are undoubtedly distinctive. A pleasant surprise are the ambienty interludes ‘Last Squall before the Crack’ and ‘Let Bygones Be Bygones (A Grievance)’. The Italians reveal their esoteric shadow-selves in the crawling pace of drones. Ominous and abstract at its best, the very last track ‘Undisplaceable or a Hostile Levity’ immediately allures into its atmospheric soundscapes and shamanistic noises leaving us craving for more.

‘FOURTH’ serves as evidence that like fine wines, Lento only get better with age. Their enigmatic sound engulfs and squeezes you in the black euphoria of perfection. Released on October 6th on Consouling Sounds. A special edition with a hand-screenprinted slipcover crafted by the prominent artists Le 7e Oeil (who also produced for Amenra, Syndrome, CHVE, Alcest and the like) is available on 150 copies.