Jozef Van Wissem - Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back

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Jozef Van Wissem, 2017-10-11

The Dutch composer Jozef Van Wissem is back on Consouling Sounds with his new album 'Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back'. With a brush of an abstract impressionist, Van Wissem paints sonic interpretations of a Vanitas painting by the Belgian artist Cindy Wright (which is also the cover of the album). Using lute, his voice and effects, Jozef creates concept-driven soundscapes where each of the eight tracks is a subtly crafted reference to Cindy’s work. The core of the album are minimalist lute arrangements, fragile and wistful as the butterfly in the centre of the painting. Airy delicate vocals and snatches of liturgical music convey the sense of slowed time. Gravitating towards melancholy, the soulful simplicity of Jozef’s monolithic canvas is immersive and contemplative. 'Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back' is a powerful captivating album and one of Van Wissem’s purest works in a decade.