Lakker - Die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart, die Zukunft

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words: Elena Mara Reed, 2018-01-08

While this section is for reviewing record releases, I feel the need of putting a word for unreleased material that Lakker have recently uploaded on their Bandcamp. The duo of Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell (Eomac) granted us a New Year gift – 8 beautiful tracks of eerie electronic music.

With regards to their latest 'Eris Harmonia' EP, Ian told me: ‘We are trying to find answers through the music, which is a pure form of communication. It is abstract. Sometimes the only way to try to make sense of all the shit that is going on is to make sound’. The sounds of ‘Die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart, die Zukunft’ further cement the notion of music as the ultimate communicator, exerting powerful physical effects and profound emotions within us.

The compilation is characterised by an overall feel of space and fluidity. Highly textured tracks are floating like a river, finding their path around rocks and branches of noisier moments. Being a solid proof of polished to perfection sound design skills, ‘Die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart, die Zukunft’ never sounds sterile, nor scrubbed too clean. Soundscapes are earthy and organic, at times shamanistic (‘Cliquewell’), at times melancholic (‘Mouth’), at times leaning towards experimental (‘Tuk Tuk’). Whereas Lakker was never committed to dancefloor, there is a definite dance element. ‘Table Rave’ and ‘Who?’ are soft yet pulsing,  ‘Pink’ has rawer and more distorted beats and my favourite synth-luscious track ‘Three Horses’ makes me move in a wave-like action.

I am left wondering why the heck these tracks never made onto any physical releases?! Fortunately, nearly 36 minutes of forward-thinking electronic music are available for fine-tuned ears right here