70 cm³ of Your Chest - At First Chaos Came To Be

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words: Rimante Va, 2017-08-15

It’s a good feeling to get your hands on a brand new LP. Even cooler when the LP is from a bunch of Lithuanians (even though they’re based in Berlin now), since Lithuania has a relatively small emo scene.

70 cm³ of Your Chest have been playing since 2014. This is their second record (the first one was a split with a black metal/hardcore band Red Water from Vilnius) and it’s a huge step forward. Although ‘At first chaos came to be’ first came out in 2016, it was released on vinyl this summer, and it’s a treat to the eyes and ears.

The artwork was done by the bassist Justina. The main theme of the artwork are mountains, done in cold colours – a beautiful, yet ominous landscape, which is in step with the music – a beautiful and bipolar album, evoking the feelings of hope and despair.

The album consists of 6 songs which make you feel trapped between the earth and sky. The first song is called ‘Heaven’ and it’s a terrific instrumental intro to the album. It’s atmospheric, emotional and has an intense build-up, which gives birth to the second song ‘The birth of the cosmos’, – a powerful track full of emotion. The peak and breakpoint of this album is the third song ‘The lower air’, after which the album turns a bit more chaotic and aggressive. Both ‘The Gloom of The Netherworld’ and ‘The Primordial Mix of Elements’ are produced using a similar formula, -  calmer beginnings and endings and more intense parts towards the middle, with pulsing delayed guitars. The last track, just like the first one, is an instrumental one, but more dynamic. All in all, ‘At First Chaos Came To Be’ is a very well-thought-out piece, with beautifully written lyrics, and tracks complementing one another.


For fans of: Arktika, Men As Trees