Neurosis @ KOKO

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words: Arturas Rozkovas, photos: Laura Fotoprincess, 2017-06-11

On November 7th and 8th Neurosis played two historic gigs in KOKO, London. Artist Arturas Rozkovas reports about what it is like to experience Neurosis.


Open your mind. Neurosis did it for me during the two UK KOKO shows with Earth, Subhumans and Discharge. That was adventurous sonic explosion and my first time experiencing Neurosis live.

On stage each musician became a sound wielding titan, an inventive and  primordial emotional power magician.  It seemed that the sound guy, Dave Clark, had a telepathic connection with the band.

Each song was guiding me into surreal but yet familiar territory. Both shows were unique - like two different moon cycles. A balanced mix of old and new material unleashed on our lost souls.

The first gig with Earth, sleepy dreamy desert opening, left me craving for energy and I got plenty of it - an outburst of heavy mass from beginning to end. No mercy, no talking - just a pure flow of sincere and serious music.

Subhumans started the second show - a clever mastermind punk, then Discharge went through like a motorhead muscle train and at last I was teleported to planet Neurosis - after such a grand warm up, guys gave heaven and hell taking us to underground afterlife and back.

These were the best shows I have seen in my life.





November 7 playlist : 

Stones from the Sky, Given to the Rising, Bending Light, Lost, Broken Ground, Casting of the Ages, Fire Is the End Lesson, Distill (Watching the Swarm), At the Well, Locust Star


November 8 playlist :

Lost, The Web, A Shadow Memory, Distill (Watching the Swarm), Fire Is the End Lesson, Takeahnase, At the End of the Road, Bending Light, The Doorway, Through Silver in Blood