Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - Y Proffwyd Dwyll

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MWWB, 2016-09-28

New baby of MWWB (it is 9 months since their first EP Nachthexen!) recorded with Chris Fielding (Conan) far exceeded my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I wasn’t expecting much, the progress Wrexham Wizards (or bastards, and by the way, Jess is from South Africa) is like Americans say – wow!!! In comparison to the previous record, Y Proffwyd Dwyll (meaning the false prophet) is more complex and complete. The first thing you’ll notice, Jessica’s vocal sounds gentle and ethereal as ever. It feels far away from you, yet it touches you, haunts you. The whole album has this unique sensation of ghostly flying. The atmosphere of the first track Valmasque has a reference point with “A Greater Call” by Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas. MWWB also uses more noise elements, which like radio waves transmit that floating experience. Another novelty, a synthesizer in the track “Gallego” demonstrates that the band is not afraid of experimenting and taking doom elsewhere. Melodies are catchy but that does not make them sound less heavy. And trust me it is not an easy thing to achieve!! CVLT described the track “Cithuula” as “a conjured serpent, squeezing the life out of you until your brain explodes in the black ecstasy of doom perfection!” and they got it completely right. My favourite track, however, is “Osirian”, written by the guitarist Wez. It has distinctive repetitive sludgy riffs and if one wants to refer to the animal kingdom, -  a black widow that seduces you, traps you and calmly but unwaveringly ensnares you in her tangled web. Osirian gets stuck in your head and doesn’t let you go. 

I already want to know what MWWB will bring in the future. For now mark your calendars for Sept 30th as Y Proffwyd Dwyll is coming out on New Heavy Sounds. 9/10 only because I’m a snob.

Enjoy the stream of the album on Soundcloud.