Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - oh what a name?!

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words: Elena Mara Reed, photo: Laura Photoprincess, 2016-09-23

I have caught up with MWWB (Jessica - bass and vocals, Wez - Guitar, Dave - Guitar, Carrot -drummer), a band born from Mother of Six, Warsisters and Baron La Croix in the middle of Lithuanian forests. This young Welsh quartet with an incredible name won the hearts of Viking-like looking Lithuanians. While enjoying cheap Lithuanian beer at  Devilstone festival (add this four days metal open-air to you bucket list!), we also managed to talk about their new album and future plans. 

 We hope to take doom elsewhere

E: You are quite a new band, but playing a lot. For those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it? 

MWWB: We'd say our music is doom based but we hope to take doom elsewhere. Doom has got very boring. We want to change that.  We’ve been together for about a year. Our last gig before the Devilstone was Doomed Gatherings, in Paris. We did a couple of little festivals in the UK, a couple of local gigs. Four gigs supporting All Them Witches. We have done around 10, or maybe 11, 12 gigs so far. We are still fresh. Still learning the f**ing process [laughing]. We were offered more dates but we just cannot afford to do them at the moment. We are limited by our jobs.



E: What is your impression being here, in a faraway country Lithuania, Devilstone fest? 

MWWB: We love it! The location is amazing! And we have been such a bunch of cunts [laughing]. We are not the easiest band to deal with. We started drinking in the airport and kept on drinking all day. And then someone spilt a drink in a foosball table, so we tipped that to the corner and drank it with a straw. That was about 6 o’clock in the evening [laughing]. Then we lost our tour manager. He is on holidays! It has been quite eventful [laughing]. Everyone has been lovely!

E: Have you managed to catch any other bands?

MWWB: Mantar were playing last night! We have shared a bus with them from airport. Really cool guys. And obviously we are going to see Napalm Death! They have played in our hometown Wrexham, North Wales in 1992 and 2007 [but Jess is from South Africa]. We have a good little scene there, everyone is in a band, loads of bands [laughing].



E: There are so many good festivals. Is there a particular one where you would really like to play? And bands you would love to share stage with?

MWWB: 2. Obviously the big one for us to do would be Hellfest. It’s just one of the coolest festivals on the planet. I think the only bands we'd all agree that we'd want to play with are Ufomammut or somebody cool who are up and coming like Kylver from the UK.

E: Do you have any side projects or is MWWB your only thing?

[Jess] I play acoustic guitar on my own. But not as serious as this one. MWWD is our main thing now. Our second album is coming out in September. We’ve just finished it! It’s on New Heavy Sounds and recorded with Chris Fielding from Conan. It’s called “Y Proffwyd Dwyll”, meaning a false prophet in Welsh. And we are going on tour in the UK in October!